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Inside Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s Los Feliz Home, Where Wit and Warmth Rule

The Modern Family actor worked with Will & Grace set decorator-turned-interior designer Peter Gurski to style the couple’s 1928 Spanish Colonial —By Kathryn Romeyn

Even without stepping inside the cyan-trimmed 1928 Spanish Colonial of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, activist and social innovator Justin Mikita, one fact is crystal clear: The couple excels at the delicate art of balancing kitsch and class, their cheeky wit fusing with aesthetic prowess. It’s a mashup of informal and formal that feels cozy and intimate in a way that betrays the Loz Feliz house’s size and the could-be severity of its original Gothic-inflected interior finishes—painted ceilings, stained glass, and ornate wrought iron. Perhaps the most exemplary juxtaposition: A “Homo Sweet Homo” mat welcomes guests through the impressive arched entry vestibule.

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